Giovanni Casagrande

IEO ICO STO Advisor based in Italy

Blockchain and ICO / STO Maestro

I’m Giovanni Casagrande, a known name in the world of cryptocurrency. I’m an Italian who has well over 20 years in the marketing experience and last 5 years on cryptocurrency industry. I am also an Economist from the University of Bologna, with a passion for marketing and growth hacking tactics for the development of different projects and programs. My passion has expanded in the cryptocurrency industry. This has seen me invest my talent and skill into being part of the team growing this industry.

ICO / STO Legal Support

The proper knowledge assistance is quite important. I've a team of professional legal support that goes the extra mile in providing professional legal advice on the white papers, sale agreements, terms of use, jurisdiction regulation worldwide amongst other things.

Marketing & Growth Hacking

I provide technical tactics for the growth and development of your organization. With my seasoned professional team of marketing and growth hackers, my services are guaranteed to efficiently and effectively bring growth.

Blockchain Project Consulting

I offer Blockchain project consulting from the beginning to the end of the project with all the projected target met, also i have an effective team that is dedicated of lending their knowledge and professional advice to your Blockchain projects.

ICO / STO Project Analysis

In the first quarter of 2018, the different ICOs have made twice of what the whole summed up ICOs made in 2017. Although the STO projects are still quite new, i have the capability to provide both ICO and STO project analysis to your organization.

Investors Relationship Management

The relationship between organizations and the investors is key to the development of the company. I offer professional and efficient investor relation management services which effectively focuses on the company’s investor community.

Exchange Advisory

Unlike the traditional stock exchange, the cryptocurrency exchange requires technical knowledge and legal terms of use. I provide professional advice as is applicable to the cryptocurrency exchange.

ICO & STO Projects




On these years i've created a lot of partnership with big crypto / blockchain companies, exchange, club deal and crypto funds.

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